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  • Greenhouse Spotlight: Pothos

    Greenhouse Spotlight: Pothos

    Specific name: Epipremnum aureum Family: Araceae Kingdom: Plantae This beautiful specimen originates from the hot & humid tropical climate found in Southeast Asia. Average temperature for this location is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The growth habit of this plant is vining, growing up the trunks of large tropical trees in search of the sun’s light. Leaves…

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  • Whimsical fall planter with a view!

    Whimsical fall planter with a view!

    These celosia & asparagus ferns POP in all urban settings ☀️

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  • A Touch Of Tropical Paradise

    A Touch Of Tropical Paradise

    Add a touch of TROPICAL PARADISE to your business or home with our beautiful interior PALM TREES!🌴🏢 Not only do these triangle palms add a STYLISH & natural element to the space, but they also PURIFY the air & improve indoor AIR QUALITY! 🌿🌱 References“Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement” by NASA (2019)

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  • Go BIG or go HOME !

    Go BIG or go HOME !

    Holy triangle palm!! 🌴 This palm tree, located at Mercedes’ Benz Dealership in Egg Harbor Township, TOWERS in the show room 📸

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