Floral Arrangements

We can make custom floral arrangements for any space or occasion. We offer a wide variety of flowers and greenery, all grown in our Bucks County greenhouse and acclimatized to interior conditions. Arrangement sizes range from small accent pieces to extra-large, stunning displays.

We can work with any budget. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

How will we work with you?

The first step

Our designers will evaluate your environment, budget considerations, traffic-flow patterns, color scheme, decor and light levels. After discussing your ideas and preferences, we present examples and design an interior landscape uniquely suited to your business. Then we present a proposal for your approval. We can work with your interior designer or directly with you.

The follow through

Once we’ve delivered and installed your landscape, our horticultural specialists visit your facility regularly to care for your plants and keep them healthy and attractive. We maintain an inventory of acclimatized tropical plants and trees so that, when necessary, we can replace plants that aren’t thriving.

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